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Close more sales by engaging your contacts throughout your purchase process.
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Improve your connection with your leads
Organize and streamline conversations with your potential customers via website and WhatsApp, increasing your sales conversion.
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Don't miss a single moment of purchase
Answer all your contacts automagically and connect the best opportunities with your sales team in real time.
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Provide support content to your contacts
Let your customers learn more about your product, service, or even purchasing conditions for themselves at any time.
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Increase your sales working as a team
Scale your team efficiently with features like simultaneous conversations, access groups, and robin round assignment.
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Track and optimize your sales processes
Find new points of improvement in your business operation by analyzing your data via dashboards and reports.
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Collect, receive and send data in real-time
Integrate your Octadesk with other systems to enrich your chatbots with external data, feed your CRM, and much more.
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Magical customer stories
Magical customer stories
Aumentamos em 100% o volume de conversas respondidas e a conversão de contatos em vendas com o Octadesk.
Viviane Delponte
Gestora Comercial na DrogaVET
Com o Octadesk, tivemos a diminuição de 85% das mensagens de cliente sem resposta em 24 horas, respostas 60% mais rápidas e não perdemos mais nenhum atendimento!
Diego Monteiro
CEO - AppNinja
Nós dobramos a taxa de geração de leads das nossas landing pages usando chatbots no lugar de formulários. Estou viciado nesses bots!
Felipe Sore
COO at Growth Machine
Tivemos um aumento de 53% de clientes atendidos por dia. O Octadesk é uma excelente ferramenta para dar um upgrade no atendimento de qualquer empresa.
Maurecy Moura
CEO AugustaCom
Triplicamos o número de clientes atendidos e as nossas vendas gerenciando nossas conversas no Octadesk. Hoje, ele é o nosso principal canal de vendas.
Fábio Gomes
Gerente de Marketing da Oximag
We've increased by 100% the volume of conversations answered and the conversion of contacts into sales.
Viviane Delponte
Commercial Manager - DrogaVET
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