Dashboards and Reports

Measure, follow up, and optimize your marketing, sales, and customer support operations.

More than 2,000 companies trust the magic of Octadesk

Magical benefits of dashboards and reports

Adjust your operation in real time

Use the dashboards to monitor your chats and tickets live and fix potential problems in your operation.

Find new improvement points

Use the reports to analyze your retroactive data and constantly optimize all your processes.

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The magic is in the details


Export your reports to analyze them in tools like Google Sheets and Excel.

Visual aids

Visualize your results more clearly by monitoring graphs and tables.


Do complete analysis by cross-checking data such as users, channels and tags.


Easily create new ticket reports according to the needs of your business.

SLA Control

Analyze your operation based on the Service Level Agreements of your company.

Level of Satisfaction

Track the satisfaction index of your conversations and tickets.

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Octadesk helps us capture and close new deals and keep customers with us, since weunified marketing, sales and service operations in one tool.
Ariane Cardoso
Supervisora de Marketing - JobHome
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Other magical features of Octadesk

Knowledge Base

Use the time you spend answering frequent questions about sales and support more efficiently.

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Connect Octadesk to other systems via API to check, send and receive data in real time.

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Team Resources

Scale your sales and customer service teams with structured operations for your business.

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Ticket Management

Make your support more efficient by answering emails and other channels with powerful management resources.

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Convert and qualify more leads, speed up your sales and support your customers 24 hours a day.

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Chat Management

Organize your conversation channels to generate more revenue and help your customers more efficiently.

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