Chat management for websites and WhatsApp

Organize your conversation channels to generate more revenue
and help your customers more efficiently.

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Magical benefits of chat management

Turn more contacts into leads

Use sales and customer support conversations as lead generation sources by capturing contact data automagically.

Increase your sales conversion

Communicate in a quick and organized way with your business opportunities and engage more contacts into your sales process.

Offer a more efficient support

Answer questions and solve problems quickly, helping your customers in real-time communication channels.

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The magic is in the details

Personalized widget

Set the color, position and other elements of the chat widget on your website easily.

Simultaneous chats

Interact with different contacts at the same time on your website and via WhatsApp.

Round Robin Chats

Distribute your conversations automatically among specific people or groups of users.

Quick answers

Speed up your daily routine by sending recurrent messages in just one click.

Multimedia files

Complement your messages with audio, images, videos and documents.

Internal notes

Register notes and mention other users throughout conversations and tickets.


Categorize each interaction to measure, monitor, and optimize your operation.

Ticket creation

Make it easy to follow up complex questions and problems via email.

Satisfaction survey

Request feedback on your website to enhance your customer service every day.

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Tuvimos un aumento del 53% de clientes atendidos por día. Octadesk es una excelente herramienta para dar una mejora en el servicio de cualquier empresa.
Danilo Oliveira
Analista de Atención al cliente en Livre Digital
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Other magical features of Octadesk

Knowledge Base

Use the time you spend answering frequent questions about sales and support more efficiently.

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Connect Octadesk to other systems via API to check, send and receive data in real time.

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Dashboards & Reports

Measure, follow up, and optimize your marketing, sales, and customer support operations.

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Team Resources

Scale your sales and customer service teams with structured operations for your business.

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Ticket Management

Make your support more efficient by answering emails and other channels with powerful management resources.

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Convert and qualify more leads, speed up your sales and support your customers 24 hours a day.

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