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Convert and qualify more leads, speed up your sales, and help your customers 24 hours a day.

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Chatbots magical benefits

Generate and qualify leads

Increase your conversion rate by capturing leads through chats, that can also qualify your contacts.

Accelerate your sales processes

Answer your contacts live and filter the best opportunities to connect them to your team in real time.

Speed up your customer service

Automate frequent answers and direct the other chats to your team, anticipating the request for data.

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The magic is in the details



Enrich your chatbots by displaying data from other systems, such as freight conditions and order status.

Data capture

Save automagically the answers of your leads, such as e-mails, name, and phone, which can also be exported.

Answers validation

Check in real time the format of each answer received and allow the correction of information sent by mistake.

Humanized chats

Personalize your texts with emojis, bold, italic, and mentions to data gathered through answers, like names.

Media support

Send files, images and documents automagically to your contacts, complementing text messages.

Round Robin

Assign chats to people or groups according to the screening criteria defined by your company.

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Com a palavra: nossos clientes!
We doubled the landing pages' lead generation rate using chatbots instead of forms. I'm addicted to these bots!
Felipe Sore
COO at Growth Machine
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Other magical features of Octadesk

Knowledge Base

Use the time you spend answering frequent questions about sales and support more efficiently.

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Connect Octadesk to other systems via API to check, send and receive data in real time.

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Dashboards & Reports

Measure, follow up, and optimize your marketing, sales, and customer support operations.

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Team Resources

Scale your sales and customer service teams with structured operations for your business.

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Ticket Management

Make your support more efficient by answering emails and other channels with powerful management resources.

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Chat Management

Organize your conversation channels to generate more revenue and help your customers more efficiently.

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