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We've increased by 100% the volume of conversations answered and the conversion of contacts into sales.
Viviane Delponte
Commercial Manager - DrogaVet
How DrogaVET doubled its conversion sales rate

Founded in 2004 as a pioneer in the veterinary compounding pharmacy segment in Brazil, DrogaVET stood out in the market for the excellent level of satisfaction achieved among customers.

"Since the beginning of our operations, we have been focusing on providing the best treatment for animals and maximum confidence for their guardians", highlights Viviane Delponte, DrogaVET's Commercial Manager.

DrogaVET's growth challenges

In 2007, the company started a franchise system, allowing the brand to consolidate its leadership throughout the country in a very competitive market.

But, over the years, another challenge came: to increase the revenue generated by each company branch, without overloading their commercial teams.

In this scenario, DrogaVET started looking for a system to organize, streamline, and standardize the sales processes of its franchises.

That's when the company got to know Octadesk!

More sales with less investment

Today, DrogaVET manages more than 30,000 conversations per month through Octadesk, consistently reaching the branches' commercial goals.

"With Octadesk, we've increased by 100% the volume of conversations answered and the conversion of contacts into sales", says Viviane.

"That was possible thanks to Octadesk's chatbots, which helped us to respond to the growing demand, and to the system's organization, which helped us to standardize the commercial process among all franchises in the chain", added.



 Customer Support

We carried out 9,512 appointments in 3 months with a team of just 13 doctors, reaching a 99.5% approval rating.
Eduardo Campbell
Co-creator - GTC Solidária
How Conexão GTC Solidária saved lives during the pandemic with online medical care

In the first semester of 2020, which was marked by the coronavirus pandemic, the message for the population was clear: stay home if you can.

But how to provide medical guidelines without people coming to health facilities? That was the dilemma that led Grupo Taiz Campell to create Conexão GTC Solidária.

The project was born with the mission of bringing information and updates about coronavirus over the internet, avoiding unnecessary trips to hospitals and health centers.

Widespread quality service

With a team of 13 volunteer doctors, Conexão GTC Solidária had the difficult mission of helping thousands of people looking for professional guidance.

That's when Octadesk joined as a project partner!

Using several resources from Octadesk, such as simultaneous chats on WhatsApp, chatbots, and quick responses to conversations, Conexão GTC Solidária managed to organize its small team of doctors to provide reliable services in a scalable way.

Results that represent saved lives

"We carried out 9,512 appointments in 3 months with a team of just 13 doctors, reaching a 99.5% approval rating", highlights Eduardo Campbell, one of the creators of the project.

With that, Grupo Taiz Campell estimates a reduction of about 80% in unnecessary trips to health centers among the people who were guided by Conexão GTC Solidária, which contributed to avoid crowding and, of course, to save many lives.

A surprising fact is that this service was not limited to Brazil: Australia, France, the United States, and Mozambique were some of the countries which engaged with Conexão GTC Solidária.

"The impact of the project was very strong and I am sure that we helped a lot of people, directly and indirectly", adds Eduardo.

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Maurecy Moura
CEO AugustaCom
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